Jana Vojnárová, Zuzana Ondroušková, Alžběta Říhová

04.10. – 28.10.12

The lack of a common program led us to draw on the fact that we are different. We integrated the process of solving, searching for, processing of personal issues into heterogeneous mass, when each of us takes their own stand. Various media and materials mix up in an inevitably discordant whole. Common artistic activity is facing isolated work.

“The relation “Stimuli, “I often between the subject and reality and related aesthetics, assertion, that directly concern me, feelings that arise spontaneously. use things placing Cohesion from known patterns, of myself towards the environment, space from my near surroundings and environment. loss of original context,, where I move around whether intentionally or not, Lately it was a family story recontextualization, , how easily people can get lost in certain situations from the Second World War, decorativeness and non-functionality, returning back into themselves, coulisses that became pivotal to me, authenticity, they create themselves. I feel insecurity that I need to define, a clue that somehow brought me originals,, manipulate into clear icons. to my illusions, a model A moment of nervousness in the flood of stimuli, personal and and a form… nervousness that only sometimes leaves me these Mapping are initiation my memories, important stimuli that vanish in time, moments matters and I also of my work I would like to live through got connected to from recent time, again, a broader memory, when I notice more complicated the boundaries only their torsos, I try to action and expression. I am based between preserve them again turning on sentences and the installation there and material where I am not. memories, my own ones and The importance of as well as other‘s. artistic background, I don’t try to define work rooting, the story clearly nor finish saying it, slowly dreamt-of feeling of security and success. Carrying bodies, new free fragments emerge. blend as a symbol of hardship and the effort to achieve symbiosis of everything. Resulting paintings.” Mirroring of space where I feel secure, are in a way an imprint of memories, a fortress, but also natural I let them flow in their own isolation, solitude, mirroring of space where all that matters is unity direction. Photographs with another person. I create I gather in the course areas only in those base points, of work which are hard to from books, put into a firm and real magazines, frame defining internet my are carriers of boundaries, certain stimuli to me. where I feel at home. However, the picture I build up worlds changes as the work goes on and the imprint for my present experiences, of memory loses disquiet, partly its meaning, dreaming and for memories, I build up space, I search for where I confess something at moments authentic, that something mine concern.” nobody else.”