Either way just let me know.

Karolína Mikesková and Robert Pratt

05.06. – 14.07.19

From beach to side board to shoebox. From stage to desk to shoebox. From street to shelf to shoebox.

You should watch out.

What is the landscape telling you?

Are you aware of the fact.

You have a massive problem.

Breathe. Slow.

For a limited time only bees are swarming in the speaker. And the kettle’s on.

No experience required.

Karolína Mikesková is an artist based between London and Prague. She graduated from the studio of Anna Daučíková at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. In her practice, consisting mainly of installation and photography, she focuses on the transformation of manufactured products into artefacts, as well as exploring the frontier that separates artificiality from the natural origin. This process also involves a reading of the surrounding environment with its hidden signs and symbols, alluding to the potential of being carried by a larger force or power. This movement can be read as both physical and psychological and poses the question to what extent it can be controlled.

Robert Pratt is an artist who lives and works in London and graduated from the Royal Academy Schools. Pratt spends a lot of time looking at things. He has an extensive collection of objects found on walks, a polaroid archive and a big record collection. The time spent looking often gives way to an absurd reading of an object’s internal logic. What is it? What is it trying to do? Has it failed? Why did I pick it up? Pratt is one half of the D.I.Y record label Rat Run Records and performs under several aliases, the psychedelic improvised sound artist Entschuldigung, he’s the drummer and vocalist in the punk band Business Dudes and a founding member of Right Idea Wrong Machine.

The exhibition of Karolína Mikesková and Robert Pratt creates an atmospheric, meditative, multi-sensory environment where inanimate objects live together in multilayered relationships; mirroring, interpreting and affecting each other. The visitor is invited to inhabit this ecosystem and contemplate the different ways we evaluate the world we live in and what kinds of structures and systems influence us.



Supported by: Municipality of the capital city Prague, Ministry of Culture Czech Republic, Foundation for Contemporary Arts Prague, GESTOR The Union for the Protection of Authorship anď Municipal Dstrict Prague 6. Media partner is Radio 1.