Fading light, growing shadow

Pavel Baňka a Václav Kopecký

09.12. – 08.01.12

“Fading Light, Growing Shadow” is the last exhibition of the year-long series “Idol or Defiance” (Vzor nebo Vzdor) organized by the Entrance Gallery consisting in double exhibitions of professors from Czech art academies and their students. The last exhibition of this year will offer works by Pavel Baňka, the head of the Studio of Photography at the Faculty of Art and Design at J. E. Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem, and Václav Kopecký, who graduated at the same studio.
Light is inherent to a photograph as it develops the picture. Light forces out shadows. But a photograph is more just as black is not always in shadow.

Text: Václav Kopecký

“ … the shape of a human body is not intrinsic to a marble boulder. Michelangelo committed violence on marble by chiselling David out of it as he disfigured a piece of beautiful stone. Marble did not become marble – but David. (…) Marble needs to be used for creation of such shapes that would arise from its own body and a chiselled cube or another shape is more valuable than a David. The same also applies to painting, words, music.”

Kazmir Malevič, (Suprematic Mirror), Prague 1997, p. 22