Fail Again

Martin Horák Jan Nálevka Marek Meduna Václav Stratil

22.09. – 17.10.10

The title of the exhibition refers to a modernism which, despite its mastery over form, likes to pursue its own incapability or failure so that in the end it almost becomes its own impossibility. Like characters in the novels of Robert Walser, who insist on their own unimportance, the works on display represent a counterpoint to the situation of the modern man who lacks self-understanding but never forgets to remind others of what he knows or can.

At first sight this exhibition offers itself as a statement of frustration over omnipresent and ever increasing pressure on achievement or, perhaps the appearance of achievement. On second thought, this frustration itself is an object of ridicule or of examination. Self-irony has two functions here: it helps to avoid pathos, which lurks behind anyway, and reveals a gaze that is not so much directed at the status quo as it is interested in the malcontent himself and the comedy that takes place between him and society.

Curated by Tereza Stejskalová