Barbora Fastrová a Johana Pošová

28.05. – 07.06.20

Barbora Fastrová-Skácelová and Johana Pošová have been working together on joint projects since 2014. In their multimedia practice, this authorial duo continuously explores the relationship between nature and (Western) culture. In the fall of 2018, they started a long-term project called Cheap Art, which they presented for the first time at AMU Gallery in Prague (including the curator, Tereza Jindrová, as another participant of the project). The authors focus on recycling as both a creative procedure and topic. They experiment with to what extent their attempt to act consciously and ecologically influences the preparation of the exhibition, its final shape, and the audience’s experience. They strictly utilize previously used materials and refuse to include the use of electricity.

On one hand, this attempt to lower production and usage (of matter and energy) is a playful ‘exercise’ in which the artists set up rules and boundaries. It is a widely understandable gesture that reacts to society of hyperconsumerism, including in the artistic scene which very often covers the mechanisms of consumption behind a hypocritical and allegedly critical discourse. This exhibition project is an immediate experience and an example of the failure, tension, and ambiguity of setting up boundaries, particularly if we take ecology into account without giving up on creating and exhibiting our work. The aim of this project is not to present a perfect ecological result, but rather to demonstrate the difficulty and the paradox that comes from this way of working.


Barbora Fastrová-Skácelová (born 1988, Prague) graduated from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague from the Department of Photography. She also has received practical training from the Department of Sculpture at the Academy.

Johana Pošová (born 1985, Prague) graduated from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, also from the Department of Photography, and has received practical training in the Department of Film and TV Graphics there as well.


Both authors rank among distinct artists of their generation: Fastrová was one of the finalists of the Startpoint Prize competition, and Pošová exhibited her work at the young art exhibition Against Nature at the National Gallery of Prague. Both go beyond the media of photography towards experimentation with objects and site-specific installation. They took part in a creative residency at Meetfactory in 2019, and they continue to exhibit their work in the Czech Republic and abroad.


The exhibition program of Entrance Gallery is continuously supported by: Magistrát hl. města Prahy, The Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and MČ Praha 6.