Hodge Podge

Patrik Kriššák

06.09. – 23.09.12

Patrik Kriššák is one of those interesting young painters who explore in their work the transcendence of painting. He combines different materials, uses third dimension in his paintings and has unusual installations. He is an intuitive artist who – in his works – thematises memory and relation of new media to traditional ones. For Entrance Gallery he created a specific installation of his works which have not been seen yet in this way.
Patrik Kriššák is a fresh graduate of FU OU in Ostrava.

“I chose the title Hodge Podge with regard to its general meaning. It is a kind of a boundary for me where everything starts and everything ends. I will naturally move within the boundaries of my work, so this project consists everything I have created so far, the main focus being on painting. What is typical for my creation process is intuitiveness and to some degree ambivalence that is included within.
The process comprises of at least two parts: the first one happens right in the studio with real, or we can say “material” manifestations, the second in the gallery, where the process is immaterial. What happens here, on the next level of my creation, is my own self-denial when I realise that a painting I have created in my studio cannot be exhibited on the wall, but is thrown somewhere in the corner, which might seem disrespectful, but for me it is very worthy. Sometimes I just need to hide it away from viewers. This act of playing with paintings stems from my feeling that viewers are not lazy walkers, but rather perceptive and playful observers.”