Human and Animal Under One Roof

Ondřej Brody, Anežka Horová, Denisa Langrová, Marie Lukáčová, Karolína Matušková a Lucie Zelmanová, David Přílučík, Vladimíra Večeřová

24.06. – 21.08.22

During the development of our own species, some animals became part of human homes – in stables or barns (now maximized in the form of mega farms) or directly at the “family fireplace”. We consume some of these animals, use their products as food or for clothing, some we use for work, and some keep us company. Their roles in the world of human animals are not strictly determined by the species – on the contrary: we can observe a number of paradoxes, when members of the same species are once our companions, and other times our dinner. The exhibition Human and Animal under One Roof (but more precisely the title should be “Human and non-human animal under one roof”) focuses on domesticated animal species and our interrelationships and dependencies. Through the works of contemporary Czech artists, the exhibition wants to question the utilitarian approach we take to other living beings and to consider more equal ways of living together.

Curated by Tereza Jindrová

The exhibition program of Entrance Gallery is continuously supported by: Magistrát hl. města Prahy, The Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and MČ Praha 6.