Martin Zet & Students of The FAVU Studio in Brno

21.09. – 16.10.11

In the series of exhibitions of Czech professors from art academies accompanied by their students, the Entrance Gallery introduces Martin Zet’s project called TRACTATUS PEDAGOGICUS. Compared with other exhibitions of two or three people, this exhibition will break a record regarding the number of people included, as about twelve students from the Faculty of Fine Arts VUT in Brno will take part in this exhibition.

“With a kiss of studio terror and creeping compulsory day and night attendance, supply sprouting colleagues with blood.
Now it’s active time – no matter which way or how.
Doubts, depressions, deficiencies – leave them rotting behind the school door.
When my inner voice Redas heard what I was to teach, he roared: explain them, above all, to forget about all records, especially photographs and video.”