Vojtěch Vaněk a Lukáš Hájek

10.10. – 03.11.13

If some people really are eccentric, sooner or later they find out they are not alone. I discovered that fact by coincidence. Subsequently, I was ascertained by the peculiarity of Lukáš’s vocabulary that is far from being tired. At that moment it was clear that our cooperation is only a matter of time. I didn’t (and still don’t) care when it happens, as it is nothing that would make me go grey. So when we actually work together, it is not a question of seeking each other, but rather something that arises naturally. We don’t need a detective agency to talk to each other, since the only thing that really matters is what needs to be said. Everything else is granted by empathy, about which I dare to speak in the name of trust. Creative friendship of this kind may lean on, among others, the certitude that we will never assure each other about artistic correctness.