Preparation For Preparation

Patrik Čabla, Václav Litvan, Pavel Humhal

26.10. – 27.11.11

Today, on an imaginary map, you cover half empty territories having one common border line, reaching from impractical and peculiar expedience through references to relations of the object to its surroundings and ending with casual, and thus pleasing to the eye, handicraft of your production.

That is why I find it interesting how you approach the audience with almost absolute difference and while Patrik isolates his things – people are “only allowed to watch”, Václav leaves his work “to the mercy” of the audience.

Variety in the use of motifs bound to personal patterns of memory makes your exhibition an inconspicuous overview of all that is possible within the framework of present sculpture.

Together you will find your way to people who are called conflicting and uncommunicative. Today is convenient, apart from visiting exhibitions, also for a visit to a spa.
Text by Blesk