Test with spade

Edith Jeřábková, Dominik Lang, Jan Haubelt and more

25.10. – 02.12.18

“We move together in the environment of the gallery and the school. A third place where you can find us is a garden, a forest, a park. We could talk for ages about mother nature, from which we should learn, and Michel Serres says this is even an imperative. Yeah well, but what is it, the nature from which we should learn nowadays. Is it the one modified by humans and their never-ending work, or some idea of its virgin predecessor? It’s as if we should begin to learn again, forget what we know and study at the same time. Schools and monasteries used to have their own gardens, and Prague botanical garden and its past is connected with schooling as well. However, more and more we escape into gardens for health and rest. Gardens, fruits, seeds or invasive species of plants currently serve as symbolic images and cultural studies of migrating and settled society. Nurturing and education can easily pose either amazing results and profits or predisposed and care dependent individuals. That is why we are simply venturing out and leave many other symbolic meanings of education and cultivation to those who want to search for them in the gallery.”

text Edith Jeřábková

curated by Tereza Jindrová



We thank the Botanical garden of Charles University in Prague, Tomáš Uhnák and the students of Sculpture Studio for consultations; Mr. Zdeněk Hradilák, the gardener of Břevnov monastery for his help; and Petr and Jakub Buřil for partnership (Fruit and decorative orchards, Horní Beřkovice).