Vašek and Vašek

Václav Girsa a Václav Stratil

04.08. – 24.08.13

The summer term seems to suit perfectly the Vašek and Vašek exhibition, as it conveys the atmosphere of two artists’ rendezvous who have been trying for long to meet each other, until they eventually did. It is quite obvious that not only do the authors have reasons for a joined exhibition, but there are also parallels in their work and way of thinking. For instance, both of them question (sometimes boldly and even audaciously, sometimes pretending they are dumb) the issues of originality and author’s rights. At times, they manage to alienate something, borrow or donate, at other times they leave the impression of really genuine authors. Both can immerse into dealing with serious as well as very banal topics, and with the same verve they are able to withdraw from them and see them strategically or watch them from an ironic detached point of view, from where they suddenly plunge headlong down. An insight from the inside and outside then dictates the way how they present the theme – ranging from expressive figuration and narration to (pseudo)conceptual series to abstract shape and attribute. One Václav distinctly burdens the boundary of media; both together the boundaries of genres. And although one of the Vašeks is more experienced than the other one, they both have the talent to pull the viewer into the subject and problem, bind him with senses and contemplation and at the same time preach the relativity of each and every single point of view. That is also the reason why Vašek and Václav are coming together today: to show you and play for you, at times together, at times solo.

Text by Edith Jeřábková