Water molecule

Ivan Svoboda

05.03. – 30.03.14

A series of photographs named “Water Molecule” tells a short story of a man who thinks rationally, but searches for a specific water molecule. This man started his quest at the Želivka Dam.
“Water Molecule” is an exhibition of photographs. The photographs are hanging on the walls hooked on nails. So visitors should watch them. They are hanging at the height of eyes. Some photographs also contain texts, so visitors should read these too. They may read them in Czech and in English. They may judge whether black-and-white photographs are better than colour ones. Dimensions of all the photographs are the same, so, concerning this aspect, there is not much to contemplate on. The photographs have been made in the traditional analogue way with the use of digital devices, i.e. they have been blown up from negative photographs.
They shine.
The working process on the “Water Molecule” was identical to the creation of videos to which the author actually dedicates most of his time. After finding the right topic, he wrote texts describing the story. Then he searched for the way how to transfer it into images that would support the story. When he decided about both of these layers, he started carrying it out. In this case it consisted of taking pictures, which he repeated several times.
Ivan Svoboda has been creating videos for a long time and he restricts the post-production phase merely to cutting. He avoids digital effects, grading, etc. His only alteration lies in adding text to pictures. He prefers trimming and natural imperfections of scenes. His photographic cycles are thus a certain result of his previous experience and offer a new parallel to the outcomes he achieved with motion pictures.
Although a video “Water Molecule“ has been created on the same topic, Entrance Gallery only exhibits photographs while taking advantage the plainness of the gallery, where there is a wall on one side and windows with a view of the garden of the Břevnov Monastery on the other side.