Figuratively Formulated Argument

Bára Mrázková

28.03. – 22.04.12

“A digital image is not a traditional image. We do not create it by capturing a material record as in the case of paintings when we apply colours on canvas or in the case of analogous photography when we record pictures on the sensitized coating of negative films. A digital image can lack this material track either partially or wholly. That makes it a sequence of abstract values. A sequence of values independent of its carrier, of the reality captured, of the presence of the person or object displayed. An image in its digital form is arbitrarily changeable. Without any further losses suffered while it is being transferred or manipulated. When processing such an image, we can benefit from “freedom of infinite forgiveness”, as Timothy Binkley calls it. It means that all changes can be revoked without affecting the final result.”

Text by Bára Mrázková