Home Sweet Home

Galeria Szara at Entrance Gallery

10.09. – 10.10.08

Polish Galeria Szara prepared the group exhibition for Entrance Gallery
Curators: Joanna Rzepka & Łukasz Dziedzic

I’m on my way
Just set me free
Home Sweet Home

Sweet home Alabama
Where the skies are so blue
Sweet Home Alabama
Lord, I’m coming home to you

Home sweet home
The place where the lunatics roam
‘Bout to peel a cop wit my chrome

It was home sweet home, home sweet home
Just a place to lay our head think of all those things we said
About in our home sweet home.

Home Sweet Home
Clack Clack Salute Salute I’m never alone!!
Brooklyn – Send em back home!
Brooklyn – Send em back home where you at?

Extract from the lyrics of Motley Crue, Lynyrd Skynyrd, House Of Krazees, Peter Gabriel, M.O.P.

Exhibiting artists/

Jakub Adamec
Magda Jańczuk
Konrad Dwornik & Hanna Kaczerowska
Joanna Rzepka & Łukasz Dziedzic,
Michał Bałdyga
Karolina Tyrna
Paracetamol vs kaseta sie zaciela – audio video performance at the opening


The house it`s a safety,necessary place where one comes back and feel always as „being home”. Is my homeland my house? Nowadays when all of us live like nomads, change places, cities, countries, one asks if the definition of the house means the same as it used to mean?

In Joanna Rzepka`s and Łukasz Dziedzic`s photography and video we can see the house as a place for human`s intimacy, The family, friendship, union and love are the basic feelings that occurs our personal identity. All of them are the basic links in our day to day relationship, but as we can see all of these feelings are the most significant in the meaning of the house-family-relationship.

The other theme that is being explored by the artists is the actual problem of seeking of one`s own place. The photographs of Konrad Dwornik and Hanna Kaczerowska titled „Squots” are showing the tales about nowadays nomadists, those photographs doesn`t seem to say that home is a safety place. Thoses photos grown out of the alternate culture, but mostly they seem to be a documantary in some experimental and upside-down way placed in a nowadays genre of the advertisement`s photography.

Michał Bałdyga`s instalation it`s a very sweet net of the bride and the bridegroom,the honeymoon bed and …… „monidlo” where he and sheare drown in happines for ever. Could it have been he and he? Or could it have been she and she? Still it could have been only he, the one, and only one that can not even be the perfection of himself…. so what is the place that means his home?

Sampling of different elements of reality like parts of well known songs in order toput them together initiated the idea for the exhibition „Home sweet home”. The variety of very well known motives, imaginations, and statements about „home” is being shown in a new way, the artists` works and the methods they used are deteminated by „deformed mirror”, all of a sudden we knew that entering the „sweet home” we find ourselves in a mirror room. Looking at ourselves we can see deformed, outlaughed and very pitied persons. At least we firmly knew that all of us are only oridinary human beings walking on their path to death…..

Łukasz Dziedzic | galeria szara


Information about Szara Gallery/

The Szara gallery initiated its activity in October 2002. Since then it has presented over forty artists ( e.g. painting, installations, objects, photography, performance). Szara is the space, where and through which many various exchange actions have taken place. It guarantees continuity and fair stability of art functioning.

Galeria Szara w Cieszynie
ul. Srebrna 1
43-400 Cieszyn

The exhibition was supported by Polish Institute in Prague.