Moravia, beautiful land III: Rohatec

Flesh&Brain / Marie Hájková, Lukáš Jiřička, Petr Šprincl

07.09. – 29.10.17

Beautiful Moravia denotes picturesque region of what was once called Great Moravia. Centuries passed and bones of many red-blooded forefathers began rustling again within its borders. Both good and evil demons awoke from a long sleep.
The near-fairytale region is in need of a new mythology, creative archaeology and raising of brand new idols. Also, it needs people to fight against obscurantism and help maintain local identity, the one built on hand-painted nationalism and embroidered catholicism, soaked in good amount of wine and spirits.
This exhibition combines documentary approach with archaeology while creating a space where new native totems meet with local handicrafts. It displays rare archaeological discoveries dating back to a time when Saints Cyril and Methodius brought Christian faith to pagan plains of Great Moravia.

Curator / Tereza Severová

Cooperated / Klára Fleková, Františka Králíková, Božena Vláčilová, Zdeňka Koláčková

Flesh&Brain is an independent platform for experimental film and audiovisual arts, which was established in 2012 around artists Petr Šprincl, Marie Hájková and Mojmír Měchura. These associated artists have also launched a record label and an independent publishing house.