The Garage Project

Tehnica Schweiz / Gergely László & Péter Rákosi

28.10. – 22.11.09

We have started working on of the largest garage-streets of Hungary, in Dunaújváros end of 2007.

The garage-settlement is a union of 1200 garages on the side of the IRON-factory, upon which the development and construction of the entire city of Dunaújvros was built on in the early 50-s. These garages were only built in the late 60-s, mid 70-s for some workers of the factory. The garage-street, in a perfect grid, resembles the structure and masterplan of the city of Dunaújváros (former Stalinváros).

Today, the garage-city is mostly a meeting-place for men, a location for escaping family life, or a scene of alternative youth culture. Large quantitites of locked garage-doors hide secrets, private spaces, hobbies and professions.

Our work consists of three stages. First, we started to take as many pictures of garage-interiors as possible, to understand the varieties of garage usage and to get to know garage-design better.

In the second fase of our project, we rented one of the garages. In our own garage we started to install and stage ideas of what we, our friends and relations imagine to find behind a locked garage-door. We asked them to plan garages for us, which we have than started to realize.

Eventually, we have organized a large Garage Festival, with the participation of almost all local, amateur bands, bikers, skaters, jugglers, with the help of a large group local youngsters. This festival we have realized twice, September 2008 and 2009. Both festivals, the preperation, the campaign, the programs were based on pure volunteer effort.