Thought Action Fusion

David Thomas & Feng-Ru Lee

26.03. – 19.04.09

Entrance Gallery is delighted to present the first joint solo exhibition by emerging international artists David Thomas and Feng-Ru Lee.

British artist David Thomas’s installations and sculptures are grounded in his interest and understanding of contemporary culture and belief systems within theoretical frameworks. He questions theories and structures opting to take neither side, instead Thomas critiques these concepts taking an often humorous and playful approach. Thomas’s work often gestures towards points at either end of the spectrum of understanding, balancing precariously between issues.

Taiwanese artist Feng-Ru Lee’s practice is rooted in her East Asian Cultural background. Lee is currently based in the UK where western values are injected and mixed with a sense of loss and isolation, given the rapid changes and redevelopment that have recently occurred in Asia. The performances of Lee’s alter ego Milee the Sheep depicted in her new series of drawings are partly existing performances combined with fresh ideas and potential future works, thus exploring the creative thought process behind her work.

Lee & Thomas originate from different sides of the globe, however their interest in nomadic and trans-national artistic practices connects them, they believe that society is moving further towards a unified cultural existence devoid of past histories and baggage, be that for better or worse. Although Lee & Thomas do not physically create works together their practices share similar aesthetic and conceptual elements. By exhibiting together they explore the process that generates additional thoughts and further actions between artists and their works. The internal and external processes of negotiation and communication becomes visible creating meeting points and fresh understandings of the individual works by unifying the visual and theoretical languages that allow viewers to understand and engage with them.