Markéta Kinterová

25.05. – 17.06.07

The project deals with the topic of publishing from our own sources [self-publishing] and studies the essence of presentation of an art-work and its publishing ouside of the gallery.

Each issue covers one specific project of approx. 8 pages. The technique is zerox and full-color laser print. The magazine was published monthly from January till June 2006, always in 40 copies and was distributed by the author herself to about 15 places in Prague including inofficial presentation in the National library, Prague and the Library of Prague.

The magazine was left in these places without establishing its author and title [the title page was always marked only with the number of the issue] and any other explanation to avoid filling the framework with any other information. The author wanted to give the viewer/reader the opportunity to form his/her own understanding of the magazine [the readers could contact her at the e-mail address, stated at the end of the magazine].

The aim of this project was to confuse the reader who is constantly attacked by all kinds of media, to awaken in him/her subconscious signs and connotations, to stop the reader and give him/her the chance to disclose something dubious in the printed word.

The project consist of copies of the magazine, of the description of the project and of a video showing the author bringing the magazine into the main hall of the Library of Prague.